GED Program

St.Petersburg College - Downtown Campus

244 2nd Ave N. Room 132
St.Petersburg, FL, 33701

ABE/GED Schedule

Day Classes:

Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-1:00PM

Evening Classes

Mon. and Wed. 5:00PM - 8:00PM


All classes will cost $30 per term for FL residents and $120 per term for non-FL residents.

First term begins August 1. Second term begins December 1. Third term begins April 1.


Contact Kathy MacLaury at 344-8051 or email

Program Description

The GED program at Tomlinson’s St. Petersburg High School campus is open to select high school age students. This program provides an opportunity for students age 16 and older who are behind grade level or are failing school because of poor attendance to earn a Florida High School Diploma via the GED examination.

Admission and Registration

1. To start, contact Kathy MacLaury by phone at 344-8051 or by email at If accepted, you will take a TABE test (Test of Adult Basic Education). This will determine your skill level in reading, math, and language.

2. If your skill level is below 9th grade level, we will design a study program to help you improve up to 9th grade levels. You will have a choice of studying in books or on the computer. A teacher will be present to assist you when you need help. We even have ways for you to study at home if it is hard for you to attend classes.

3. If your skill level is at 9th grade or above, you will take the Official GED Practice tests in the five GED areas of science, social studies, reading, math, and writing. These tests will determine if you are ready to take the GED. If you are ready, you can sign up for an upcoming test. If you are not ready, we will help you get ready.

4. The GED tests are scheduled every week at different locations. To sign up you will need a social security card and a Florida ID or Florida Drivers License. You will also need $70, but scholarships are available.

5. When you pass the GED you will receive a High School Diploma from the State of Florida. With this diploma you can be admitted to St. Petersburg College, PTEC, and many other schools. When filling out job applications and you are asked, "Are you a high school graduate?" The correct answer is yes if you have passed the GED test.

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